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Depression is often hard to identify in many people, especially adults. The symptoms of depression vary from one person to another. As is true for any other behavioral disorder, it is important to keep a close watch on the changes in your day-to-day functioning. Depression and its associated symptoms can vary from person to person depending on the trigger event. The trigger can be anything ranging from substance abuse to genetic predispositions, etc. Here are some signs that you must look for if you or someone you love is suffering from depression.

Signs of Depression

  1. A sudden loss of interest in all activities that were once cherished
  2. Sudden, unwarranted changes in sleep patterns
  3. An uncontrollable feeling of sadness marked by fluctuations in mood
  4. Difficult to focus
  5. Overwhelming feelings of guilt or shame
  6. Fluctuation in energy levels, loss of enthusiasm, and feeling unmotivated
  7. Unusual loss or gain in weight and change in eating habits
  8. Increased tendency of self-harm
  9. Persistent hopelessness and helplessness

Understanding the Root Cause of Depression

  1. Genetic predispositions like a family history of depression or suicide
  2. Drug abuse including intoxicating substances like alcohol, narcotics, and amphetamines
  3. Witnessing a traumatic event that is hard to cope with, including death of loved ones, accidents, chronic or terminal medical conditions, war, natural disasters, etc.
  4. Head injury, or an accident leading to a concussion
  5. Chronic or long-lasting stress
  6. Strain in personal and important relationships.

Depression has a widespread impact on our society. As is true for any other mental health condition, depression is also unique to each individual because of unique circumstances. Treatment at Malibu, CA is customized for each patient and can have a life changing impact. The devastating effects of depression can be seen in the untimely deaths of so many public faces- celebrities, musicians, and artists. Depression is the largest cause of disability in adults aged between 15-44 in the United States, according to a study by the “Anxiety and Depression Association of America”.

How Does Depression Impact Life

Depression can cause one or many of the following; however, its impacts are not limited to these:

  1. Lead to loss of employment
  2. Harms personal relationships
  3. Lead to loneliness and complete isolation
  4. Lose coping skills and create an inability to deal with day-to-day activities
  5. Increase in internal conflicts in the family and the possibility of transmission of disorder to further generations
  6. Lead to the start of drug use or an increase in its abuse
  7. Cause minimum attention towards personal hygiene
  8. Increase in suicidal tendencies

How Seasons Beach Cottage Can Help in Depression Treatment

Seasons Beach Cottage understands the importance of depression treatment and offers cutting-edge and evidence-based depression therapy sessions. The entire treatment plan is complemented with comprehensive medical assessments, medication management, and holistic services geared towards an individual’s needs. The treatment of depression can not be the same for everyone, and therefore we delve deep into several factors such as background, family history, relevant support system, existence of co-occurring issues, traumas, baseline functioning, etc. Our expert medical team then begins to determine the right plan for you.

We are known for our highly strict recommended therapy options that have proven their efficacy in treatment in the past. Our comprehensive individual sessions make sure that the individual feels better and we are equipped to provide support for the healthiest level of functioning.

Our Seasons Beach Cottages help individuals in the following ways:

  1. Individuals are treated for symptom management. We teach proven coping mechanisms along with medication management to speed up recovery so that depression doesn’t rule out your daily functioning.
  2. Individuals can feel a boost in energy levels, motivation, and concentration.
  3. They have improved relationships, understand their depression in a much better way, and experience improved communication with loved ones.
  4. With a focus on sustained treatment, rather than a quick fix, individuals can sustain longer with symptoms and cope with triggers.
  5. Patients are made aware and taught to minimize any harm to themselves or close people.
  6. Individuals can better cope with their addiction problems.
  7. Consequently, individuals can sustain better focus that assists in optimal functioning.

Get in touch with one of our highly skilled medical counselors for a confidential conversation to learn more about how our medical professionals at Seasons Beach Cottage in Malibu can help you or your loved one suffering from depression.

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