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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is at the center stage in the realms of mental health. Veterans experience the tragedies of war, much after the war has played out, and further education and research regarding PTSD suggest that various events, experiences, and responses can trigger the onset of PTSD in individuals. In today’s age, there is a significant increase in exposure to violence, aggression, volatility, oppression, disasters, emotional distress, etc. This leaves the lives of veterans, vulnerable to trauma leading to PTSD. More often than not, PTSD is hard to identify until it’s too late.

At Seasons Beach Cottage, we assist you in achieving a victory over PTSD by handling the situation in a way that ends suffering, reminders, and flashbacks. We teach you to set your life free from past traumas and to be free from the constant fear that surrounds and overshadows your present. Our adept and experienced team clearly understands that PTSD is not a simple disorder. In fact, we understand that your experience with PTSD is unique to you and it requires customized treatment. Our team helps you pick up your broken pieces by diving deep into your condition and understanding what you are dealing with.

The main symptoms of PTSD you should look for:

Post-traumatic stress disorder has a wide variety of symptoms with experiencing and reliving traumas of the past. Here are some common symptoms that accompany PTSD:

  1. Constant face-off with the traumatic event of the past
  2. A constant fear of avoidance
  3. Consistent intrusive and unwanted memories
  4. Occasional but repetitive flashbacks
  5. Flashbacks
  6. Insomnia
  7. Persisting anxiety and associated triggers
  8. Avoiding people and places
  9. Persistent numbness
  10. Loss of interest in things once cherished
  11. Depression and associated symptoms

The list of symptoms associated with PTSD is extensive and could very well point towards other mental health disorders. However, the true highlight of PTSD is the presence of repeated reminders of that traumatic event that triggered PTSD.

If you or your loved one is suffering and is in the grips of PTSD, you can call one of our caring and professional counselors to understand how to handle PTSD and get treatment underway. Customer privacy is our top priority, and you can comfortably ask how Seasons Beach Cottage can help you recover from PTSD.

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